Anabolix Toto Ghali Pro wheels


Anabolix wheels Toto Ghali

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NOTE: Sold in a set of 4, you need 2 sets for your quadskates!
Anabolix wheels
Toto Ghali Pro wheels
These wheels are 60mm
Hardness is 101a

These wheels will boost you to new hights, as they have for me!

A collaboration between vert legend Toto Ghali and Anabolix Skate Co. from The United States
These wheels were made for Vert skating and work perfect with the Toto plates!

Wheel brands; Anabolix

Anabolix wheels make Rollerskates or Quadskates wheels to the absolute highest level possible. The wheels are so good that Toto Ghali teamed up with them for a wheel. These wheels are the best vert wheel I have ever tried. I tested an early version of these wheels for years and was beyond impressed! The wheels are a great size, a good hardness and maintain their grip and shape for a long time. I have tested them throughout the year. Both inside and outside and have yet to feel unsure on them on any terrain or in any park. The first time I tried these I went so fast that I couldn’t handle it. These wheels will change your life!



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