Rollerblade Solo Estilo Robert Guerrero pro skate


Rollerblade Solo Era RG EU42 US9 UK8 270

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Rollerblade inline skates Nice condition
Model:Solo Estilo RG
The Robert Guerrero pro skate

Available in Size: EU42 US9 UK8 270

These skates are so cool!

This see through skate is made so you can costumize the liners and see it on the outside.
The liners, the Blank liners inside are some of the most comfy liners I’ve had on my feet.
They have EVA foam on the bottom for shock absorption on top of the regular schock absorption
The boot features a 45 degree  strap with a rock-climbing style set.
The top strap has a system where you can pull them tight before tightening them.

So a high tech boot only from 10 years ago
It’s def. my all time favorite Solo boot as far as tech goes!

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