Ricardo Lino turns 40

Making videos on Youtube is allot of work, but well worth it.

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The Face of Rollerblading on Youtube, Ricardo Lino, turns 40 today

I have personally known Ricardo for a couple of years and always thought he was far ahead of others in the way he approached Inline skating culture.
Working with Powerslide and Micro he is on the inside but still dares to talk about controversial topics to push forward.

This guy was a pro rider, set up a team for Undercover, had his own signature bike frame, had some grindwheels I can’t find anywhere is a father and husband, owner of two shops in Africa and Europe and still finds time to make content for us all on Youtube, Instagram and does it with a smile!

I have a personality where I love helping people and am very happy I choose to help Ricardo the last few years.

Ricardo before the livestream for Winterclash 2020

As I choose to help him I ended up filming a Livestream with him for two years in a row.
Besides being a part of the team he has been the person, alongside Tom from the museum and Cavasin from Roces is probably the biggest supporter of my work!

Ricardo showing a parcel he got from me on stream while wearing some clothes I embroidered at my old work

As we have been talking he has helped me to get in touch with people, work alongside people I am very happy to work with and with his content he has inspired me on some projects for the future.
As I know you guys may be hoping for me to show some more about the behind the scenes I’ll have a think and see if I can get more active on Youtube as well!

For now I would just like to congratulate Ricardo on his birthday!
I hope we can do much more together in the future and hope we can do something together around Winterclash 2020

If you want to congratulate Ricardo I’d say head over to his page on whatever platform you like and say hi to him.
Also I’m sure he’d love for all of you guys to subscribe to his Youtube-channel!

If you would like to find Ricardo or support him, Go here:


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