What is nopro?

NoPro News brings the NoPro mentality to the world of news reporting.
NoPro is a new way of thinking.
Instead of trying to be the best and find sponsorship, we do what we love most and stay with our feet on the ground. (though we may have wheels between the feet and the ground)
On this site you soon will find amazing interviews and think pieces from people all over the globe!

The goal is not simply to give you news, we are trying to show you more of the world through blading. If you are from China, I want your piece of the story to be represented, same if you are from South America or Iran.
There are so many great communities and so many fine people involved in the sport,
This should be a place of any and all of them!

Then what is Nopro Shop?

NoPro skates is my answer to the collector world that wants the best items
Without blasting every single blade-trade page on the web
I will be continually updating the shop with new and oldschool parts, skates and more!

So what are you waiting for?
Have a look around!

NoPro-gress, NoPro-cess, NoPro-fit, NoPro-fit

NoPro News, it excists!

“NoPro News Founder Harrie”

…We are actively looking for news staff!