PolarSkateCo is a damned failure

Here is a Story that was posted on Instagram by https://www.instagram.com/john_bolino/ that talks about this outrageousness. This is how PolarSkateco from polarskateco.com decided to spent their time and share hate.Now over the years skateboarders hating on everything and anyone has been a staple of their culture.What I find particularly bad about this is, that kids […]

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Hard at work

It has been almost 2 years now since we had a fire in our house.It was a horrific experience I will never forget. Sadly allot was lost. Not only did I loose most of my personal collection of skates, all the skates I used to enjoy skating but much of the latest stock was in

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Ricardo Lino turns 40

Hip hipHooray! The Face of Rollerblading on Youtube, Ricardo Lino, turns 40 today I have personally known Ricardo for a couple of years and always thought he was far ahead of others in the way he approached Inline skating culture.Working with Powerslide and Micro he is on the inside but still dares to talk about

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The History of OUT part 1

A while ago Oliver Roberts messaged me about helping him with a piece about the Once upon a time brand.As I am an avid collector of skates, parts and other items from OUT I was totally down.I already had been making pictures of pieces from my collection and helped with what I knew Here is

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THe state of the scene

When scrolling over the web there seem to be a couple of interesting developments within the skating world.In the past year I have been seeing allot of interesting things happening and thought I´d write a bit about it. The inline skating scene seems to be following the way set by skateboarding in the past 10

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NoPro Rats

NoPro News

So it was a while ago, where I was talking to my friend Mads on the old Failbooks.As usual I was complaining about things and came to a realisation. I complain quite a bit about the news-outlets and don´t see the content online that I want to read.Then it hit me. I just quit my

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