Steve shows you his Toto plates

Steve bought a set of Toto plates and shows you what makes them tick!

Watch the video here:

Have any question about Toto plates? Feel free to send us a message!

Not done watching Toto content? Here are a couple of my old videos on them:

First video are my initial thoughts after getting a set of the frames from Toto Ghali at the Winterclash in 2013!

Here is a video of me skating the Toto frames with a pair of Edea boots. I mounted the boots directly to the frames which gave me a great controll and helped me unlock countless tricks! You can see I cut the blocks to get more controll but have now opted to wear them in gradually!
(this video was filmed and edited by Delfie Bruggeman <3 )

Through online contacts I started skating more and more and honed my skates as I honed my skills.
I switched allot and eventually ended up mounting the plates directly to inline skate boots. (I chose the Majestic 12 boot)
This is pretty much the best setup I have had and a variation of it is what I use now

And then the last video:
This one is from 2019, I had surgery in 2018 and it took me a whole year to get back on my skates in a meaningfull way. Though I still see how much I don’t have controll in this video I am certain it shows that even with a completely broken body I still managed to have a couple great sessions and some technical skating!
(This video was filmed by Jade and Paul on a lovely trip together <3 )

Thanks ever so much for watching, remember to skate safe and have fun!

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