NoPro ships parcels on Wednesday and Friday every week.

This is a great way to not use up more fuel and hurt the enviroment.
We are working with PostNL right now as they seem to be the most reliable partner for international shipping at the best price for the time being.
We try to mostly re-use packaging and try not to produce more waste to get you your items, whilst protecting them as good as possible.

When you order a product from the NoPro shop you don’t go to a checkout for the time being.
This has two distinct reasons:

1: I want to offer a personal experience where you don’t pay more on shipping then needed.
I keep an eye out on shipping prices for different terratories and will choose the company offering the safest shipping method for your purchases.
At this time for most European countries I use PostNL to ship all parcels.
For international shipping the only company I am comfortable with using is PostNL. They ship reliable and fast.

2: Payment and fees can be an issue for a small business as my own.
Paypal is a great service to arrange payments with but they are flawed.
In the past one could send me money and I would simply get it, minus some fees.
Recently they have chanced their structure and the following has happened:

Paypal now keeps fees when I have to repay a client

In the case where someone sends me 100 Euro’s they say they keep 3,4% and 0,35 Euro
Meaning they would take 3.75 out of this transaction.
if for any reason you want a refund Paypal keeps this money.
Meaning I get 96.25 and will repay you 100.

With currency conversions this can get even higher.

So I loose money if you simply cancel an order!

Therefor I have gone through all the items in the webshop to put down USD prices that include all fees as close as possible.
There´s still a chance I will loose a bit but that isn´t the end of the world.

I will think about a way to streamline this but am unsure what is best. So for now this is how it works!

Other payment methods like bank transfer seem to work fine, so if you want to get rid of the fees and are within the EU I would suggest that would be the way to pay me!

Thanks ever so much for reading this and might any questions arise, feel free to contact me over at