Hard at work

It has been almost 2 years now since we had a fire in our house.
It was a horrific experience I will never forget.

Sadly allot was lost. Not only did I loose most of my personal collection of skates, all the skates I used to enjoy skating but much of the latest stock was in the kitchen at the time of the fire, and completely destroyed.

Last week we finally reached quite a milestone!

There is a new concrete slab poored now where upon the contractor can start building the new house.

I understand from many friends that they never realised how bad the damage was and what had to be done to rebuild the house.
Some of the walls were still standing but we always knew the roof had to go.
Because we are limited in what we are allowed to build, because the walls were in a sad state and because the places where the windows and door go are changing most of the walls were reasonable not going to stay.

We are still quite a bit away from being able to pay for everything, more on this can be found on our Crowdfunding page:


I am very excited we got here and will throw in a picture below showing how the demolition went for those curious.

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