PolarSkateCo is a damned failure

Here is a Story that was posted on Instagram by https://www.instagram.com/john_bolino/ that talks about this outrageousness.

This is how PolarSkateco from polarskateco.com decided to spent their time and share hate.
Now over the years skateboarders hating on everything and anyone has been a staple of their culture.
What I find particularly bad about this is, that kids emulate people that are cool. We have seen skateboarders picking boards up and hitting nice people in the back of the head for some sort of ‘beef’.
The idea that a company of any sort of professionality would go and share these drawings to market their shit online is baffling to say the least.
And we wouldn’t be NoPro if we didn’t get right on it to make a valid response

What is wrong with you, Polar?
That is all we really want to ask today.
What is wrong with people who seem to get off on hating others doing essentially the same thing as they do themselves.
I spent my own day with skateboarders, inline skaters and bmx riders at the park and didn’t hear one bad word.
We crashed in to eachother and just had a good time about it. No hate what so ever!
Perhaps the people at Polar still live in a mindstate where they imagine themselve to be the alternative, the punk, the people who are different.
Sorry buddy but skateboarding is mainstream as can be, you guys are the jocks and attacking other people for having to share space with them is completely insane.
Draggin others down to uplift yourself is never cool!

I hope to see skateboarders share this sentiment and stop the hate that seems to be ingrained in the skateboarding culture.
It is not cool to do this and it never will be

Signing off, Harriej

2 thoughts on “PolarSkateCo is a damned failure”

  1. I totally agree! I am a skateboarder from early 2000’s. Sad to see this hate is still a thing and actually being promoted by large companies.

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