THe state of the scene

When scrolling over the web there seem to be a couple of interesting developments within the skating world.
In the past year I have been seeing allot of interesting things happening and thought I´d write a bit about it.

The inline skating scene seems to be following the way set by skateboarding in the past 10 years.
Where first people were hunting for original items from their youth I have seen a lot of companies, artist and random individuals remaking things that are no longer made.

A couple of awesome examples are the resurgence of Fifty-50. Now called 50/50 frames making frames again, Tim Dawe remaking shirts with Cozmo branding and perhaps less awesome an abundance of people remaking their favorite items!

I am sitting here as someone who is a gygantic snob who can´t imagine buying a reissue of gear I could have bought new over Twenty years ago, wondering what is going on.

Is this a second coming? Are people milking fans? Is this the future we want?
Or is the future already here?

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