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So it was a while ago, where I was talking to my friend Mads on the old Failbooks.
As usual I was complaining about things and came to a realisation.

I complain quite a bit about the news-outlets and don´t see the content online that I want to read.
Then it hit me. I just quit my job, I have time! And I am crazy enough to try this.

And so this begins. NoPro News!

With all the love,

NoPro Harrie
Editor in chief

4 thoughts on “NoPro News”

  1. Daniel Aguirra

    No Pro is the biggest evolution of inline skates and quad skates that I have been able to see in my entire life! Various information about the world of inline skating and quad skating are disseminated by No Pro, either by skate parts or new and old skates and videos about championships and new and old athletes, new and old skates brands.There are I live 24 years in the world of skating and when I met No Pro I could see that there is a much bigger world than I imagined that already existed on skating!
    And I am very grateful to all of that!
    Thanks No Pro I love it all!

    WE ARE NO PRO 🐐❤️

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