Pre-UFS Frames

Pre-UFS Frames,
Before UFS

In the dark days  before there was a single universal way to attach frames to boots there were still interchangeable frames on many classic skates.
these Pre-UFS Frames, originated quite soon after the first inline-boom! Senate seems to have been the originator of this but I have to say I am unsure if they or OUT (once Upon a Time) were first with an interchangeable frame.

The brands

These frames were some times interchangeable. A good example of this would be the Razors frames, they are replace-able with Senate brand frames from the time and ofcourse the other way around as well. I hope to also serve you with frames which have souls attached to them. These so called soul frames are a way that Roces got about selling a loose frame alongside a standard boot. This had some advantages but at this time I do not believe it was fully thought through and can often end up being quite bulky.

History repeats itself

The amazing thing is that nowadays you will see similar ideas that were completely normal in the 90’s and around the Millenium that have come back into the agressive skating market.

The shop

The inline-Skate collecting scene is becoming more and more active all over the internet. As a profound collector for well over 15 years of anything inline skating, agressive skating, skateboarding and biking related I have been working on a place for me to sell some of the items I have that didn’t really fit my collection. To this end I have created the NoPro shop.


As it really took off I have focussed my energy on the store and now am searching for, buying, selling, trading all over the world to get you the most amazing items possible. Sometimes people even donate items to either my collection or to be sold on the website. I hope I can continue to find items that you appreciate!