Skate Protectors

Skate protectors

Like it or not, having some skate protectors on your body when doing any type of sport is a very good idea! That is why we sell not only skates but also protectors. At this time I have a lot of protectors that are used.
I don’t want to put these on the site but if you purchase skates or parts and need anything you can always ask for some protectors!


The most important Skate protector.
You should never skate without a helmet. Yes I said never. A helmet will protect you from the most serious of injuries. Over my years I have lost friends that only fell once. The kind of people who always landed on their feet made a mistake or perhaps weren’t expecting a pebble and never got up again. There really is no reason not to wear a helmet. The look isn’t appealing? Well imagine not being able to skate after a bad fall and living with chronic pain. Trust me you don’t want to skate without one!

Knee pads

Knee pads come in many varieties. There are big bulky ones for vert skating and thin ones you can hide under your trousers (or pants if you want.) As  I grow the shop I will be adding protectors to this page. I can already get them from ALK13 and Roces so if you would like to get some of those feel free to reach out.

Wrist guards

As we fall usually we learn to catch ourselves, doing this can put allot of force on our hands and wrists. Whilst good falling methods can help it’s advisable to wear something to protect the wrists