Roces Majestic 12 Oli Short Pro skate NOS


Roces M12 Oli Short pro sz 48EU 14US 13UK

Roces Majestic 12 skates

Type: Oli Short pro
Size: Eu48 US14 UK13

All original or with Kingsouls

The original soulplates are a classic and will work for most skaters

If you wish to have something truly special, the Kingsouls which are produced by Andrew Kingery could be just for you
Set up right these can lower the profile of the boot.
As I don’t want to destroy the boot untill there’s a sale right now they are simply bolted on!

If you have questions about the skates, the souls or something similar, do feel free to reach out

Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 32 × 32 × 32 cm

Kingsouls, Regular souls