Complete skates

Complete skates

You want a set of new skates, not to worry about details, then here you can find all sorts of complete skates!
Ofcourse we can spice them up with different parts so feel free to reach out!

The shop

The inline-Skate collecting scene is becoming more and more active all over the internet. As a profound collector for well over 15 years of anything inline skating, agressive skating, skateboarding and biking related I have been working on a place for me to sell some of the items I have that didn’t really fit my collection. To this end I have created the NoPro shop.


As it really took off I have focussed my energy on the store and now am searching for, buying, selling, trading all over the world to get you the most amazing items possible. Sometimes people even donate items to either my collection or to be sold on the website. I hope I can continue to find items that you appreciate!