René Hulgreens last skates


René hulgreen Roces Graal skates Size EU42 UK8 US9 270

Roces Graal size Eu42, UK8, US9
Were the property of René Hulgreen,
Set up with 8 of his Cozmo Viking wheels

These very skates, set up like this are the very last pair Rene used to skate vert.
He recalls it being around 2002 when he last went on a vert ramp.
Since then they have been sitting, setup for him, with the tools he used still inside.
He used his signature Viking wheels and what seem to be standard Roces bearings.

How can you obtain these?
Simple, send me an e-mail:
Make me an offer and let’s see where we get!
Please let me know an ammount and if you want to bid including shipping.

I will sell the skates on November 11.
That’s my birthday 😀

The skates, liners, frames and wheels all show some wear but are definately not trashed. I would actually say it all adds quite a bit of character!

Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 32 × 32 × 32 cm




Skate size